My name is Tony Davis and I am a Psychic Medium. The last three years for me, have been an interesting and enlightening journey. Although I realised recently, that my journey started many years ago, I receive much pleasure utilising my Psychic and Mediumship capabilities which I never thought possible and my ability to communicate with Spirit has certainly taken me by surprise. I am eternally thankful to those who have guided and supported me along this path I now travel and explore in depth.

        When I started attending my first Psychic Development group, I was looking to satisfy an interest in the Spiritual Realm as the thoughts of knowing my future or finding out if I had someone looking out for me on the other side had always been an interest I was willing to explore. It was during my time with this particular group, that I discovered my connection with the Spirit World and had my first real and very memorable experience.

       After approximately 12 months, I moved away from the group and started attending a circle on the south side of Brisbane, focusing mainly on Mediumship. With guidance from the circle facilitator, who has become an appreciated mentor and very dear friend, I developed my connections with Spirit, to the point of being able to gain the confidence of performing paid readings and attending various expos. In 2013 I pushed the boundaries even further breaking out of my comfort zone and decided to put myself in the public eye even more by hosting events in the open platform arena.

        Throughout this process, I have not only grown my abilities as a Medium, I have also grown as an individual, learning plenty about myself along the way. One aspect of my growth I continue to work through is FEAR, the other dreaded four lettered "F" word. If fear didn't exist, we would all probably be invincible, unfortunately though, it isn't that simple.

         My passion for working with Spirit and assisting you with guidance and clarity is something I endeavor to hold onto and discover even further and continue for many years to come. When you book a Spirit Session with me, you will witness my integrity and compassion in the delivery of the guidance and the messages you are meant to be receiving at that moment in your journey during your Spirit Session.


I look forward to continuing my journey with you...


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